Cascade building sketch



Cascade buildings® with terraces are a phenomenon. Their attractiveness for clients is in the conception. Apartments have a spacious terrace based on the philosophy of the arrangement of rooms  in atrium family house.

Combination of benefits, including parking in the building, protected privacy and wide views of the countryside full of trees, creating a quality of living comparable with the comfort of living in the house. Many years of development and optimization of Cascade buildings® has also enabled to find a solution ensuring the economical and rapid construction. Cascade buildings® are copyright protected.


The working team of a company ARTERA projekt s.r.o. designs own projects and also designs entrusted investor’s projects of more than 1700 apartments in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

The company provides design and construction of building projects, studies, building permits, construction documentation and activities which includes investment and coordination of suppliers. Currently, the company mainly deals with the design and the construction of office centres and residential complexes.

Our team consists of eight permanent employees and many other associates:

Ing. arch. Ladislav Opletal
Bc. Miroslav Strnad
Marta Bulinská
Marek Smékal
Dan Krejčí
Ing. Tomáš Pressburger
Ing. Markéta Sedláčková